Oriol Segura on how ready Angkor Tiger are for the return of football

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង May 31, 2020


Siem Reap៖ Oriol Segura said Angkor Tiger are ready for the re-start of the Metfone Cambodian League, though the return date of Cambodia’s top flight hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The Angkor Tiger coach is surprised by his team spirit during the Covid-19 crisis as training as a group is not allowed, so the players are required to do individual training.

The Siem Reap side, who sit fourth in the table, will welcome their first team training on Monday next week as they need to practice several medical rules to maintain the safety for the players and staff.

Oriol Segura told camsports.org: “We are always ready because football is very important [to us], anyway, to be honest we want to see the official calendars as we have to prepare collectivelly again, but so far phisically we are great.

“The return of football will be something so good for two reasons – first one as a step-by-step indicator of life that can go back to normal routines with a few more disciplines from now and second as another opportunity to do the activity that I personally love on the earth, and that is football.

“During the last few months, we were using a new method as we were training everyday online, meaning that we worked everyday with our players, but never being together. From 1st June, we officially welcome the football practises and trainings, so it is from next month when we will see the reallity of our players’ training again with normal week of workout and few friendly games.

“Angkor Tiger players are showing a big resilience in this period, and I am so surprised with the behavior of my players who work daily and show their interest. I can feel they have used this time to come back stronger, so I am happy with them. We support and understand it is hard, but with our club experience we used to be tough – then this time is not different.

“Football fans need entertainment, and the first important point is that they can enjoy a lot of Cambodian football games. Every big club has strong and solid supporters, and they deserve to be involved again to cheer and dream with every club side. Step by step, it will appear, and I am sure.”


Photo Courtesy: Angkor Tiger Football Club

By: Sophak Huy