Chhin Chhoeun: Physical size doesn’t matter a lot in football

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង May 18, 2020


Phnom Penh៖ Chhin Chhoeun revealed that he used to receive some mockeries over his height that he was too small to play football, but the Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng midfielder proved it wrong to succeed in his football career.

The 30-year-old claimed that having a good physical size is an advantage, but small players can use their intelligence, pace, and technique to level it up.

Chhin Chhoeun, who made a surprising transfer move to join Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng from Tiffy Army this season, told “I’m small, so it’s surely hard for me to challenge for the ball with the opponent players, but at least I don’t allow them to go forward with the ball easily. In some situations, I can use my skills to win the ball, but in general it is hard to challenge for aerial ball.

“In football, if you are small, you need to be quick and tough, and you need to have good individual skills to challenge with other players. To me, I don’t always agree that you have to have good physical size to play football. If you know you are small, you must train much harder than the others and improve your technique.

“I think talent will go 70%, and physical size [height] is just 30% to succeed in football. There were some people who said that I was too small to play football, but in reality I always work hard on the pitch. I use my pace and technique, so some big players find it hard to deal with me. In addition to this, you need to play smart.

“With my experience, I used to play against foreign players, who were even smaller than me, but they had great skills. They had great talents, so it’s hard for us to win the ball from them. Physical size doesn’t matter a lot in football.”


Photo Courtesy: Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC

By: Sophak Huy