Paulo Victor on how Red Singha can re-gain their form if football returns

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង May 11, 2020


Phnom Penh៖ Paulo Victor explained how Phnom Penh Crown can likely maintain their form if the Metfone Cambodian League resumes any time on the horizon.

The Red Singha top the league table following their sensational start as they snatched thirteen points from their opening five matches and have yet to concede a single goal this season.

The Phnom Penh side prove once again that they are capable of clinching the league title after missing out for four seasons in a row, but their title dream has recently been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Metfone Cambodian League has been suspended without definite return date due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and each team is not allowed to hold a team training. Thus, each player has been taking individual training to keep them in shape.

Despite without team training for several weeks, Paulo Victor believed that his teammates and he need only a few training sessions together to get ready for the matches if football returns.

Paulo Victor told “I’m feeling good physically, and since the league stopped I have kept training hard and dieting. I really feel good, and I will continue to prepare till the league comes back and get ready for my goal with my team. I think if we have some trainings with the ball together with the team, we will be ready.

“I am very happy and motivated with the current situation, but to go without doing what we love the most is very bad.

“I think that the pre-season is important when we have been without physical activities for a long time, but in this situation it is not necessary because my team and I have continued working hard since we stopped the league, so we just need a few training sessions to be ready for the games.”


Photo Courtesy: Phnom Penh Crown FC

By: Sophak Huy