Dzarma Bata on playing behind closed doors if football is to return

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង May 2, 2020


Siem Reap៖ The Coronavirus situation in Cambodia has improved after 120 of 122 patients have recovered and are allowed to return home, and the Ministry of Health has reported no new positive cases for many days in a row.

This can give hope of the return of football, and Angkor Tiger striker Dzarma Bata has no problem if the Metfone Cambodian League is to play behind the closed doors as he also underlines the importance of practicing the medical instruction to ensure the safety for everyone.

The Cambodian National Competitions Committee (CNCC), however, have yet to reveal proposed plans or scenarios regarding how the football should return.

The Metfone Cambodian League has been suspended due to Coronavirus pandemic since Week 5, with Phnom Penh Crown topping the table, while Dzarma Bata’s Angkor Tiger sit in the fourth place.

Dzarma Bata told “Not really fine to play without the fans [behind closed doors], but we have nothing to do than to prevent ourselves from this Coronavirus pandemic, and if the authority gives the order, we have no option, but to understand about why we play without fans to protect ourselves from this situation.

“Yes, probably this situation we are going through is really bad and sad, and we don’t train together as a team because of this Coronavirus pandemic. For me, I always train myself everyday, and also we have online training with my teammates to keep my fitness level up.

“I really miss football because that’s what I love to do for my life, and football is a part of me. I miss the green grass, my fans, and Angkor Tiger’s supporters.

“I can’t wait to be back on the green grass and to see our supporters who usually give me the motivation and support. I really want to be on the pitch soon, and hopefully everything will be better soon.”


Photo Courtesy: Angkor Tiger Football Club

By: Sophak Huy