Prak Sovannara reveals his plan to make Chan Vathanaka a top striker at Boeung Ket

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង April 20, 2020


Phnom Penh៖ Prak Sovannara revealed his plan to help Chan Vathanaka become a top striker in the Metfone Cambodian League during his two-year spell at Boeung Ket.

The former Cambodia coach was in charge of Boeung Ket during 2015 and 2016 season when Chan Vathanaka reached his best form as he scored for fun for both Boeung Ket and Cambodia.

The Cambodia international striker encountered a hard time in his career after he completed his transfer moves to join overseas clubs in Japan and Malaysia before returning to Boeung Ket last season.

The Boeung Ket striker has lost his place in Cambodia under Argentinian coach Felix Dalmas, and Prak Sovannara believes that the absence of Chan Vathanaka is no longer a problem to Cambodia.

Prak Sovannara told “During my two seasons at Boeung Ket, I agreed with Be Makara that we would do our best to make Chan Vathanaka a top striker in Cambodia as we had the same opinion that he was a very talented player. We were trying hard to bring out his best, but no one is perfect. For Vathanaka, he needed to improve his stamina.

“I think he had changed a lot when he played for overseas clubs. He tried to adjust himself to the new environment. At Boeung Ket, he didn’t run a lot when we lost possession. During the team defense, he was trying to save his energy, so once he got the ball, he was ready and 100 per cent to attack.

“He was a very dangerous striker when he had the ball, and he could finish brilliantly. Our plan was that whenever we lost the ball, we needed to give him time to save his energy, so it’s not very necessary for him to run to get the ball back.

“Unlike at Boeung Ket, Vathanaka had to run a lot to support both defense and attack at overseas clubs, so he couldn’t maintain his energy in attack. To me, that doesn’t mean he was out of form.

“Now it has changed a lot in football. You need to defend and attack at the same time. You can now see several talented players in Cambodia.

“Sieng Chanthea is a very talented player, who can produce great finishes. He has everything, and his quality is not below Vathanaka. He is an intelligent player with great pace. He has good character, too. He lives and trains very well.”


By: Sophak Huy