Paulo Victor: It’s always a dream to give my family a better life through football

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង April 17, 2020


Phnom Penh៖ Paulo Victor believed football would be able to give him and his family a better living condition as he was born in a poor community and lived without enough support in Brazil.

He had a strong desire to become a professional footballer when he was six years old, so he needed to leave his hometown at the young age to pursue his dream.

The Brazilian attacking midfielder joined Phnom Penh Crown in the Metfone Cambodian League last season and has quickly become the Red Singha’s main man to bolster their attack.

Paulo Victor told “I started playing football from six years old, and I started with futsal like most Brazilian players. At the age of ten, I started playing football on the field.

“From the beginning, I always believed that I would become a professional football player because it was always my dream to give a better life to my family through football.

“I suffered a lot before I became a professional football player because my city in Brazil didn’t support me enough, and I left home very early for another city. Since my hometown was very far away from where I trained, I only visited my family once a year.

“Football has given me a lot of good things and helped my family, and I can visit a lot of places through football. I believe I can still achieve a lot through football.”


By: Sophak Huy