Conor Nestor’s reaction to Colum Curtis’ appointment as Visakha head coach

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង January 11, 2020


Phnom Penh៖ Former Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng assistant head coach Colum Curtis was named as Visakha’s new head coach yesterday, and Conor Nestor is pleased to see one of his assistants receive a big job at one of Cambodia’s powerhouses.

The 2019 Metfone Cambodian League winner has lauded his former colleague for his coaching quality and attitude, but also expected pressure Colum Curtis would face as the head coach of big spending Visakha, who should be serious about winning the league this season.

Conor Nestor told “On a personal level, I’m delighted for Colum because it’s a big opportunity for him. On a professional level, of course I’m sorry that we lost him, but this is football and I look forward to facing him.

“I think the most qualified coach is the one with the owners who support him, and you can see from the 2018 season that I’m a lucky coach with my owners. The most qualified coach is also the one with the best players and in 2019 that must have been me, so in 2020 let’s see what’s in the store.

“Colum will succeed because he is, firstly, a coach with good human qualities, and this is vital because coaching is built on trust. He is also a coach with a lot of knowledge and skills, but like I said a coach is only as good as the infrastructure around him, and for Visakha there must be a lot of pressure on the people running the club because this is their third season in the league as the biggest spenders and with that comes expectation.

“My feelings on Colum as a friend and as a man are unlikely to change. He knows how much I value him. As rivals, it’s simple, and every time my team plays his, I want to beat him because that’s what my role demands, that’s what the players I coach demand, and that’s what our supporters deserve.”


Photo Courtesy: Hun Sen Cup – ពានរង្វាន់សម្តេច ហ៊ុន សែន

By: Sophak Huy