Ry Leappheng: Whatever we do, we do it for Cambodia

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង December 2, 2019


Phnom Penh៖ Helping Cambodia U19 secure a spot in the 2020 AFC U19 Championship is what Ry Leappheng regards as a massive gift that the young KoupreyBlues give to their supporters.

Cambodia U19’s all hard work has just paid off as they earn the qualification to take part in the AFC U19 Championship next year.

They finished second in Group G and are among of the best group runners-up, snatching nine points from victories over Northern Mariana Islands U19, Thailand U19, and Brunei U19, but going down 5-4 against Group G winners Malaysia U19.

Ry Leappheng reckons playing in the final round of the AFC U19 Championship as a big step forward for Cambodia and promises to do everything he can for the flag on his national team jersey.

The Cambodia U19 full-back told camsports.org: “I think our form is in a great progress, but we are still working hard to improve and learn from our mistakes. We always want more, and we are trying our best.

“We have no fear against any team because we play for our flag and Cambodia, so we will always do everything for our people.

“Our individual skill is also good. We are confident and dare to play, and we play well as a team. We have a very high team spirit, and we always tell ourselves that we play for Cambodia.

“I’m very pleased with our chance, and I’m extremely excited, too. Reaching the final round of the AFC U19 Championship is a history for Cambodian football. It’s a great achievement for all of us.

“I’m very proud to play in the final round of the AFC U19 Championship next year, and the most important thing is that we bring Cambodia to the next level. This achievement is for our Cambodian people.”


By: Sophak Huy