Conor Nestor reveals next targets after helping PKR Svay Rieng win the league title

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង October 22, 2019


Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng claim their second Metfone Cambodian League title in the club’s history after beating Ministry of National Defense 4-2 at home last week as Conor Nestor aims to remain unbeaten till the end of the season.

The Svay Rieng side are undefeated after twenty-four league matches, and they will play their final two matches against Asia Euro United and last year’s champions Naga World.

Conor Nestor’s side will represent Cambodia in the AFC Cup next season, with the 35-year-old coach ready to do everything it takes to bring pride to Cambodian football.

However, it will be a tough test for Conor Nestor’s Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng as Cambodian powerhouses the like of Boeung Ket and Naga World were humiliated by the teams from Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam in the AFC Cup last few years.

Conor Nestor told “The overwhelming feeling is one of pride. I’m proud of our players and staff. I’m happy for our bosses and our fans. Together the Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng family have achieved this. Next is to finish the season undefeated, which is our target. It will be tough to achieve, but we will give everything to do it.

“I think my bosses deserve massive respect. They have been terrific to me since my first day here. They believed in me when others doubted, and today they get their rewards. But football is about the supporters, and we dedicate everything we do as a group of players and staff to our loyal supporters.

“For this team to exceed my expectations is difficult because I couldn’t possibly put into words how much I believe in these players. Sometimes people question why a foreign coach comes to Cambodia to work, and for me it’s simple I believe in the potential that is here. I look forward to helping our players represent Cambodia in the AFC Cup, and we will do our best to represent this nation with honour.”


By: Sophak Huy