Cambodia backed despite embarrassing defeat to Iran

មាស សុផាណារ៉ុង October 14, 2019


Cambodia were demolished 14-0 by Iran at the Azadi Stadium in their third Group C match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers second round on Thursday night.

Despite embarrassing defeat, majority of Cambodia National Team supporters still show their support to the team for their confident performance against one of the best sides in Asia.

The following is the fans’ Facebook comments of support on the official page of the Football Federation of Cambodia.

“I like our team performance. We faced a big team, but we didn’t park the bus. I have no problems no matter how heavily we lost. I still support the KoupreyBlues.”

“I’m not disappointed as we lost to a very strong side. We need to improve, and hopefully we can be there one day.”

“I’m very appreciated our players’ character. The result is not easy for us to take, but our players can still maintain their character. We were disciplined and didn’t lose our spirit.”

“Thank you for your hard work. Do not worry as we don’t lose our hope. We played the best team in Asia, so this is a good experience. We have to do more and more and focus on the future. Keep your head up. We are together.”

“I admire the coach and players, who still kept the formation and not defended too much for the entire game. Keep doing this, so one day we can improve and display a solid performance. Be strong!”

“Don’t be disappointed. I’m still behind you. I know the result is really bed, but you have already tried your best. That’s a good thing. This match can be a good experience, so keep improving.”

“I would like to proudly show my strong support especially on how confident you are. We went to Iran not to play defensively, but played our formation. You did lose the game, but you truly won my heart and Cambodian people’s heart.”

“To all players, be real. Don’t be sad. You can feel you lost, but never feel you failed. Keep working hard. This is just the beginning.”

However, minority of the supporters were disappointed with the result as they reckon it as unacceptable and embarrassing.

Cambodia welcome Iraq at the National Olympic Stadium on October 15 as it is their third of four home matches in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers second round.


Photo Courtersy: Football Federation of Cambodia

By: Sophak Huy